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Our Work Process









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Our Work Processes
Take a tour of our facilities to get a feel of were your motor vehicle will be during the
 durations of its visit
 If you were involved in an accident, Laborius will tow your vehicle on a specially
designed trailer into our 4500m2 workshop.
A specific booking document (Vehicle Acceptance Report) is completed immediately
to indicate the damage on the vehicle, tyres, battery, personal items, etc.
 Customer Personal Items
All personal items inside the vehicle, is booked and placed in a plastic bag. This
 plastic bag is marked with the client’s vehicle registration number, and placed inside
a locked store. The spare wheel, jack, tools etc, is also marked and stored inside this
  locked store.
Vehicle Protection
Each Vehicle’s seats are covered with plastic, from the time it arrives till the time it is
completed. The plastic covers are removed minutes before the client collects his/her
Premises Security
All vehicles are stored inside our 4500m2 workshop. Laborius has a 24hr security; with
 an alarm system connect to a security company
Our friendly staff at Laborius Panel Beaters can assist with the procedures of your
Our trained estimator uses his computerized quotation system, Abuntex and Vantage,
 to compile a damage port. This damage report can be faxed or emailed to the client
nd/or the insurance company. You are welcome to contact or even visit one of our
 a in-house estimators to explain the quotation to you in detail. We prefer that you as
 our client visit us to ensure that all damages is booked and mentioned to the
insurance company. This will help to prevent any delays with regards to repairs, and
ensure client satisfaction.
When an assessor, from your insurance, has been appointed and approval given to
Laborius Panel Beaters, a Parts Ordering is given to our team of Buyers. The parts are
  the ordered according to the approved quotation.
A Job Card is given to one of our Workshop Managers- to start repairs.
All parts received are computer recorded for easy references and control. Parts are
stored inside a lockable store and specially designed shelves. Issues are done per
requisitions by the Parts Controller, recorded on the job card and signed for by the
 relevant person.
Vehicle Hiring
Hired vehicles are available at R600 (non refundable) should it be justified by the
 extent of your claim. Please contact one of our staff members for any enquiries and/or
a booking.
While waiting for delivery of ordered parts, the vehicle is stripped to remove
 damaged parts. This procedure is necessary to ensure that there is no unforeseen
 damage. All unforeseen damage is reported to the assessor and approval is
Each vehicle has a specially designed shelve to store the parts removed. This shelve is
used throughout the repair process.
The shelves are portable and are placed next to the vehicle for easy use. When the
 shelve is not needed the shelve is placed inside a lockable store for safekeeping. 
Panel Beating
Laborius Panel Beaters uses state of the art equipment. Cellette and Chief jigs is used
 to ensure that the vehicle’s chassis is repaired according to original factory
 measurements. From panel beating the vehicle is moved to Body Metal Finishing. Our
team of qualified Auto Motor Body Repairers is on-hand to ensure the utmost quality.
 Each stage is quality controlled by the department manager.
We prepare your vehicle using a dry-flatting system. This means that no water is used
in the preparation prior to painting. Affected areas are primed using high quality
products. The prepared vehicle is sprayed according to the vehicle’s colour mode.
 Here we use a computer program to mix the paint. Although the computer
determines the formula, our qualified spray painter uses his expertise to tint the
 colour to near perfection. The vehicle is sprayed and baked inside one of our three
spray booths. A lifetime guarantee is given on all paint work.
After parts and/or vehicle have been painted, the newly ordered or repaired parts are
assembled according to the manufacturer’s standard. All auto electrical problems, re-
 writing and repairing of alarm systems, immobilizers are mechanical work is sourced
out to pre-approved companies.
Polish and Cleaning
All painted parts are polished and buffed using only the highest quality of products
 and equipment. After polishing the vehicle it is send to the cleaning department. The
 cleaning department valets the vehicle using an industrial vacuum cleaner and high
pressure WAP machine.
 Final Inspection
After repairs a Quality-Check is done, by one of our in-house quality controllers. A
quality check list is used and placed on file, as well as all related documents. When
the vehicle fails the final inspection, it is returned to the various different
  departments. Again an inspection is complied to ensure a high standard of repairs
All personal items mentioned on the VAR are placed back inside the vehicle. The
client is contacted to inform about completion. All administration is done in-house
with the assistance of a friendly staff member. All documents are explained and an
 On-Sire Evaluation Form is completed. This questionnaire will enable Laborius
 Panel Beaters to better our service to our clients.
Hired vehicles are available should it be justified by the extent of your insurance
Client Service
Each client receives a sms regarding the progress of the vehicle. These sms’s are send
three times a week. This information gives the client an indication on how long the
repairs will take, and if any questions is raised, the production managers’ name is
 send in the first sms.
A follow up service to all clients to ensure client satisfaction is done by an
independent client service company, KA SMART. Weekly feedback is given by KA
SMART to Laborius Panel Beaters, to inform if the client remains satisfied with the
service provided. This weekly reports is reported and followed up until the
maximum level of satisfaction has been attained.